Tour to Galibi Sea turtles

Witness a special event in Galibi: the egg roll of the Giant sea turtle!

On this website is explained to you what this event means. You can also find all sorts of information about the giant sea turtle and Galibi and you can book your trip through this site and experience this special trip yourself.


strand galibi

Galibi is situated on the North East coast of Suriname at approximately 1 hour drive from Albina. Each year between February and August on the Galibi nature reserve a particular event occurs. Turtles come to flood their eggs on the beach. This beautiful white beach is called Alusjaka by the indigenous. There is overnight the village previously consisted of two villages Christiaankondre and Langamankondre. Both villages have a captain (village chief) and a Basja (sub chief). This is the largest indigenous (Indians) village of the Caribbean. In this village you can get acquainted with the indigenous use and you can also take a look at the Church that completely is created of wood . In the women’s centre it is possible to see the finished products and buy the various crafts that will be used. You can buy baskets, chains, costumes and instruments that are all made by hand.


The turtles

In Galibi there are different sea turtles. A number of species are the green turtle soup(turtle thats eats only vegetables), the olive Ridley (characteristics of this turtle that he eats meat and fish). Also the leatherback (aitkanti) is found on Galibi.
The name aitkant literally means 8 sides, named after his 8-sided shield.

This turtle can approximately become two metres. Because the sea turtle usually lays eggs on the beach where he himself is born can this turtle  swim tens of thousands of kilometers to throw the eggs.


The nests can be traced through the turtles, they leave a track behind in the sand. The track runs from the water to their nest. This track is slowly being visible through the changing tide line.

What does the egg roll mean exactly?

The egg laying by the turtles is a very unique event. It is also very special to be here to witness.

  • The laying of the eggs has five steps.
  • First the turtles come  from the water,
  • then the turtles dig  a nest in the sand,
  • then  the turtles submit eggs in the nest,
  • if this is done they cover the nest with sand,
  • then the turtles find their way back to the water.


Each hatching season a turtle can build about 3 to 8 nests. A nest may contain approximately 60 to 150 eggs. If the eggs are laid they are again covered with sand and heated trough the Sun wich is about thirty degrees. The eggs are laid in the dark, because the turtles are scared of white light. As a result, they can get back to the water to hatch there eggs. These eggs will never come because they can not be warm enough. You can shine  with other colors light on the turtles, but not with flashes.

Do you want a unique experience? Then you can book your trip to Galibi. Follow the process of the sea turtle and see from beginning to end, how the eggs are layed, find out more about the origin of this rare sea turtles.