Between February and September
At 8.30 every Wednesday and Saturday from ‘t Vat
other days from 3 persons departure every day.
for other departure dates see:
Echter momenteel wordt er in principe elke dag vertrokken vanaf 3 personen.
Informeer naar de vertrekdata.

Arrival Paramaribo

2 days

Beds and Hammocks
Fully serviced: Meals, Drinks, Snacks, Fruit, Guide and Entry fees

€ 160,- for 2 days
€ 145,- for students

Book now your trip to this event itself. You can easily and fast book through this website. All of our tours to Galibi  have between February and August 100% guarantee departure . These trips are offered on every Wednesday and Saturday.

To get from Paramaribo to Galibi you will be picked up with a van. This bus will take you to Albina where you will enter a dug-out canoe (boat) on the Marowijne River it is brought to the village of Galibi. We stop at Stolkersijver, to have breakfast, we drive trough Moengo and stop at Mojwana. The trip with the dug-out canoe is already a special experience, on both sides you can enjoy the unspoilt nature.

You can on Galibi itself  relax on the charming beaches , you can also look up the shade under the palm trees or take a dip in the water. After we recovered a bit and we go on a walk where we will visit the Galibi Zoo.

In the Zoo of Galibi: Galibi Zoo you will find a rich number of different animals that is caught by animal lover Ignatius Tapiola. Galibi Zoo is now about four years and is the only zoo in Suriname where almost all animals walk around free. Here you can find different animals of sloths to monkeys and caimans to swamp snakes and turtles.

The ZOO is closed at the moment until further notice.

Around 8 p.m. we step back into the boat and we sail towards the sea, we delve with flashlights from the boat to shore to lookup “traktor” tracks, which are left by the turtles. We experience the egg hatching of the turtle ashore, the Guide has instructions for you, how you must behave around the animal.

The second day we stand quietly and steps in the boat direction Saint Loraint, the border village in French Guiana. We visit the prison and possibly we do a visit to the market. Then we go back to Albina to return in to Paramaribo